Press Releases

August 5, 2008

News for LouisiANIME 2009:

Creators of Ikkicon announce LouisiANIME

Louisianime arrives in Baton Rouge from the company that brought you Ikkicon in Austin, TX. This new convention will be a very entertainment based, focusing on panels, events, and experiences to pull the attendees into the world of not just anime, but Japanese culture as well. Located at the wonderful Baton Rouge Marriott at 5500 Hilton Ave, just off of I-10, reservations start at $99 per night and can be made by calling the Marriott at 1-225-924-5000 or by clicking the Marriott link at

If you liked the unique events held at Ikkicon and wanted more, this is the place to be. Louisianime will also have all the basic con staples, a dealer's room, gaming room, cosplay contest, and of course, anime viewing rooms. On top of all that, we will be having an exciting set of events and panels dedicated to the Japanese theater, including Noh and Kabuki. You can relax and watch the show, and learn about something new, all while helping rejuvenate the Louisiana economy.

Ikkicon Entertainment LLC, founded in 2006 in Austin, TX, is responsible for planning Louisianime, and is an independent organization with no affiliation to any commercial entities.