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September 3, 2008

News for Anime X Gamer Experience 2008:

Anime X Gamer Experience announces events and guests

With Anime X Gamer Experience a little over a month away, many things are happening on the EXP front. Not only are we announcing new events, we have a very special new guest joining the inaugural EXP Convention. Steven J. Blum will be making his first ever convention appearance in the Southeastern United States giving us our own anime industry version of the “Killer B’s”. Take that early 2000’s Houston Astros.

One of the most prolific voice actors in the industry, Steve Blum cut his vocal teeth in the industry, on anime shows like Guyver and Giant Robo, and since has voiced hundreds of diverse characters in productions representing every media imaginable. Steve is best known as "Spike" from Cowboy Bebop, "Tom" (the robot) from Toonami, "Roger Smith" from The Big O, "Flamedramon," "Guilmon" and a pile of other... well... "mons" (and kids) from 3 seasons of Digimon, the voice of 7-11, and most recently, "Zabuza" and “Orochimaru” from Naruto, “Vincent Valentine” from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus, “Mugen” of Samurai Champloo, “Ares” in God of War, “Onizuka” in Great Teacher Onizuka, and “Shishio” in Rurouni Kenshin. You can currently catch his work as “Leeron” of Gurren Lagann on the Sci-Fi Channel every Ani-Monday at 11pm eastern. Steve is excited about attending EXP Con with his good friend Beau Billingslea for his first South East anime convention EXPerience!

On top of this big announcement we would also like to announce our finalized main events list. Events already include Anime Night Live, Cosplay Rock Band Showdown, Otaku Dodge Ball, a Fireworks Display, Anime at the IMAX, the Cosplay Café, the EXP Convention Anime Fan Choice Awards, a Cosplay Contest, a Cosplay Skit Contest, an Anime Music Video Contest, The Ultimate Gamer Challenge, Console Gaming Tournaments, and the Power of Underground Dance Party.

EXP Con announces the addition of the interactive event, “The Con Ends With You”, as well as the Friday Trance Overdrive Dance Party.

"The Con Ends with You" is an interactive event inspired by the Nintendo DS Square-Enix Game "The World Ends With You". Attendees can become 'Players' in the Reapers Game where you must complete tasks before the time runs out. Players will receive ‘Player Badges’ that will enable you to play the Reaper’s Game. Players must deal with Reapers and Noise as they work together with their partner to complete the challenges. Like the game, all Players will advance to the next day if just one team goes forward, but only the team that completes the challenge first will get the prize and points for that day. The only thing you need is a cell phone that can receive text messages. Please be wary of your text message rates as you will receive up to 7 texts throughout the duration of the event. You have 3 days. Fail and face erasure. Try not to be Zetta Slow.

EXP Con also brings you the Trance Overdrive Dance Party, giving the fan's what they want, TWO dances. Come join us to experience the best mix of your favorite anime and video game remixes with professional sound and lighting and a twist. The video game "Rez" will be available to play in the background for an interactive light show giving you a unique experience you will never forget.

Reserve your hotel room now and get the convention rate! All you have to do is put a credit card down with your name and information to guarantee your spot in the con hotel. You can request your room through the link on the website up till our room block fills up or September 25th rolls around.

Pre-Registration is open until October 1st, 2008. By pre-registering for Anime X Gamer Experience you not only save a lot of time in line, you also save $10 off the at-door price for general admission. Register today and “level up” to the package that suits you.

About EXP Con: Anime X Gamer Experience is all about the fan experience. Maintaining a high energy level and a fun atmosphere with unique events and things you would never expect from a convention, we strive to deliver enjoyment to fans of all ages. The main purpose of Anime X Gamer Experience or 'EXP con', is to celebrate and promote Anime, Manga, American and Japanese Gaming, Music, Cosplay and Japanese Culture. We aim to promote this event to not only to the seasoned convention-goers but also to those who have never heard the words Anime Convention.

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