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September 11, 2008

News for SITACon 2008:

SITACon 2008 announces third round of guests

UTICA, NY (11 September 2008) - SITACon 2008 is pleased to announce it's third round of guests for its 2008 show. Adding to the voice talent that will be in attendance for SITACon are Peter Fernandez and Corinne Orr, the original voices of Speed Racer and Trixie from the 1960s Speed Racer (Mach GoGoGo); we are happy to say that Miss Mari Morimoto, a translator of manga for Viz will be in attendance; adding to our list of podcasting guests quite amazingly two of the three members of Anime World Order, Clarissa Graffeo and Gerald Rathkolb! With SITACon coming quickly upon us things will start going hard and furious. We look forward to putting on a good convention for all of you!!

Peter Fernandez is an American actor, voice actor, film director, and film crew person from the United States with extensive experience in screenwriting, production, and voice and dialogue direction. Despite a vast and varied career in entertainment extending from the late 1930s to the present day, Fernandez is perhaps best known for his uncredited roles of both the title character, and Rex Racer/Racer X in the 1967 anime dub of "Speed Racer" of which he also wrote the English version; he was also the voice director for the series. Peter, among others, in his capacity as a voice-actor, writer, and producer, was instrumental in introducing many anime series to American audiences.

He was the voice director for Courage the Cowardly Dog, which he has been quoted as saying is his favorite job so far. He also has made cameos in a number of episodes, as the spirit of the harvest and a wish granting tree, for instance.

He was the voice director for Robert Mandell's Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers and Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders series.

Peter had a cameo in the 2008 live action film "Speed Racer" as a racing announcer. He is also currently the voice of Spritle in the 2008 animated spinoff, "Speed Racer: The Next Generation", and the original Speed Racer, as seen in the episode, "The Note".

Corinne Orr came to New York from Montreal, where she began dubbing foreign films at Titra Sound into English. Then came 200 cartoons and 1000 commercials.

In Speed Racer she's the voice of Trixie, Spritle and all the women, Marine Boy, M.B, Neptina and Cli-Cli. Galaxy Rangers, Princess Gwenevere & the Jewel Riders, Star Blazers, Gigantor, Gamara, the Giant Turtle are some others she's voiced. Some of her latest are Disney's P.B&J Otter, and Stanley & the Great Big Book of Everything.

In commercials she's known as the voice of Snuggle the Bear which she did for 18 years. Corinne is still working in New York City.

A woman of many hats, Dr. Mari Morimoto is a big city veterinarian by day, freelance manga translator by night, and panelist and interpreter at several northeast anime conventions and other local events throughout the year. For the last 14 years, she has been blessed with the opportunity to work on many of VIZ Media's top titles, including Dragonball, Inuyasha, and Naruto. Since 2006, she has also translated Dragon Eye for Del Rey Manga, and was a research assistant for her former editor Jason Thompson's Manga: The Complete Guide.

Clarissa was a regular nerd, reading SF/fantasy novels and playing lots of video and tabletop games, until realizing that a lot of really cool things she liked came from Japan. Shortly afterwards, a mysterious alien force informed her of her destiny--to take the mantle of fujoshi and charge forth! Equipped with the legendary Ring of Fujoshi Power and fueled by massive quantities of anime, manga and doujinshi, she transforms to fight alongside her compatriots, Daryl Surat and Gerald Rathkolb, as part of the Anime World Order podcast and a major contributor for Otaku USA Magazine. Her fujoshi tastes might often veer left of the common fangirl's, but still run strong. She also still likes all that other nerd stuff, even if she doesn't have much time for it lately.

Gerald is a man whose life has been fraught with danger, first encountered when he was stabbed to death while asleep by terrorist ninjas only to be taken in to space to and confronted by the ghost of Oda Nobunaga who turned his body into that of a cyborg with the ability to shoot fire and spit missiles out of his mouth. Several stabbing, beheadings, bludgeonings, explosions, and over one hundred episodes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes later he formed The Anime World Order Podcast with his fellow cybernetic denizens Clarissa Graffeo and Daryl Surat, with whom he discusses the best and worst anime has to offer.

SITACon was an idea that came from the SUNYIT Anime Club after realizing that there was a lack of anime in the Central New York region. In 2006 they put on their first event which was a huge success for the area. SITACon will return to the State University of New York Institute of Technology this Fall for October 10th through the 12th. We will have a plethora of programming appealing to many people, we look forward to having a fun event supporting anime in the Central New York area. The first anime convention of Central New York returns!