Press Releases

January 8, 2009

News for Bishie Con 2009:

Bishie Con to be held in St. Louis in November 2009

Bishie Con is the newest convention created for fangirls who want their yaoi and Boys' Love fix, but even within its own niche, Bishie Con is unique.

Bishie Con is the first Boys' Love convention to allow fans under 18 to attend. With an unaccompanied age limit of 16, Bishie Con is able to offer a wider variety of Boys' Love events and panels catered to a broader audience.

Here's a preview of what's in store for Bishie Con's attendees: a BL manga library; panels by artists, writers, and industry leaders; a crossplay drag show; game shows; and lots of cool events that have yet to be suggested (go to the Bishie Con forums to suggest your own ideas!).

An extension of Kawa Kon, St. Louis' premiere themed anime convention, Bishie Con is offering a special discount to anyone who registers for the convention at this year's Kawa Kon (February 13-15). For a weekend price of only $20, it's a chance to get your badges at the lowest price available.

Find out more about Bishie Con at!