Press Releases

August 8, 2009

News for Bishie Con 2009:

Bishie Con announces Studio Kôsen as international guests of honor

Bishie Con, the Midwest's yaoi and slash convention, has announced their final big guests, mangaka team Studio KOSEN!

Studio KOSEN are the creators of Tokyopop's Daemonium as well as manga for Yaoi Press, including Saihoshi and Stallion.

This two-woman team from Spain will be at Bishie Con all weekend, selling and signing their work. They will also host panels and provide gorgeous Bishie Con exclusive artwork. While most famous as the creators of yaoi manga, KOSEN has also illustrated many how-to-draw books and video games, including artwork for Ragnarok.

Bishie Con will be held November 20-22 in St. Louis, Missouri and will feature yaoi and slash industry guests, art and writing workshops, yaoi-themed game shows and panels, a Crossplay Drag Show and tons of other awesome events!

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