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Japan Expo USA

August 22-24, 2014
San Mateo Event Center

Organized by SEFA Event

After spreading Japanese traditions as well as modern pop culture through Europe, Japan Expo brought the fun to the US last year. And it's back this summer!

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A for-Real (Band)
Akai SKY (Band)
Shinji Aramaki (Director / Mechanical Designer)
Hero Hiroka (Dancer / Choreographer)
Daigo Ikeno (Art Director)
Ilu Grace (Musicians)
DJ Kage (Disc Jockey)
Akihiro Kanayama (Character Designer / Director)
Living Ichigo (Cosplayer)
Izumi Matsumoto (Writer)
Mayuko (Singer)
Sho Murase (Manga Artist)
Felipe Smith (Artist, MBQ)
Team Hideo (Band)
Gen Urobuchi (Writer)
Akira Yamaoka (Composer / Producer)

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Japan Expo USA

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