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March 12, 2004

News for Anime Reactor 2004:

Anime Reactor announces guests for 2004


Contact:Chanda Rowan
Anime Reactor


CHICAGO (March 12, 2004) -- Last year, Anime Reactor presented a groundbreaking experience for Japanese anime and American comic book fans. More than 1,700 loyal fans of both art forms gathered last October for a weekend of revolutionary bridge building.
"We were very excited about the response to last year's convention," said Anime Reactor Executive Director James Alsup. "Anime Reactor provided a rare opportunity for these two fan genres to get together and really explore the culture's similarities. It was truly a positive experience, and people are really looking forward to this year's event."
Reactor has an exciting roster of artists on board for this year's experience. Returning for 2004 are Marvel Comics editor C.B. Cebulski and the husband and wife voice-acting tandem of Amanda Winn and Jaxon Lee. Reactor's first new guests are Ryo Mizuno, the creator of Record of Lodoss Wars and Louie, the Rune Soldier, and Rooster Teeth Productions, the creators behind the smash series Red vs. Blue.
Anime and American comic book cultures influence each other, both directly and indirectly. Some of the hottest Japanese artists cite American artist styles as key influence points, and the same can be said of American artists. Anime Reactor provides fans with the opportunity to enjoy both art forms in a revolutionary approach to the "fan con."
Additional Japanese and American guests will be announced. Anime Reactor is a non-profit organization, created for fans by fans. For convention and general organization information, visit