Holiday Matsuri 2018 Information

Holiday Matsuri 2018

Holiday Matsuri 2018
December 14-16, 2018
Orlando World Marriott Center
Orlando, FL

Anime Convention with Costuming and Video Gaming programming

Holiday Matsuri is a multi-genre convention that brings the members of our community together during the holidays to have fun and give back! We celebrate anime, video games, music, celebrity guests, cosplay, artists and more in the nerd culture with holiday cheer! You can enjoy our seasonal spin on convention contests, shows, dances, and parties!

Each year Holiday Matsuri puts on a formal benefit ball supporting a charity such as Extra Life. It's a great way to help our community.

Some of our favorite interactive events include Cafe Peko Peko, Hottest Men in Anime, and Peppermint Parlor.

Holiday Matsuri offers a bit of everything for everyone and we hope that you will join us in the festivities this year!

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Advance Rates
$44.28 through May 6, 2018

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