Cosplacon 2014 Information

Cosplacon 2014

Cosplacon 2014
June 12-15, 2014
Capitol Plaza Hotel
Jefferson City, MO

Costume Convention with Anime, Sci-Fi, and Video Gaming programming

Cosplacon was created in 2011. Our passion is hosting a cosplay, anime, sci-fi, and gaming convention in Mid-Missouri that people from far and wide can come to love as their own. In 2012 we hosted the first ever Capitol City Cosplay event. With over 200 people showing up in cosplay it was a success. In 2013 we hosted the first ever Cosplacon and reached 600+ con-goers.

We want a fun and friendly environment for all. We want to be well known for how we cater to cosplayers. We hope to serve all of our convention lovers and our community and to help build a year-to-year experience like no other. With one year under our belt we have learned so much and will use this to help us improve in the years to come. We Love Anime, We Love Cosplay, We Love Cosplacon.

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