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GingerAnne is a Director in Film and Animation. As an award winning cosplayer throughout her years, she has been featured in many magazines, films, articles and even USA Today. She is also an illustrator, animator, and fantasy/scifi writer. She has worked hard to bring her greatest work "Phoenix" (A Post Apocalyptic Scifi/fantasy adventure) to the big screen through animation as well as a highly illustrated comic. Phoenix was premiered at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston this past year.

On her down time, She entertains anime fans and cosplayers around the world through her popular British sketch comedy web series "Hellsing HQ," Based off the Japanese Anime "Hellsing." She is the Writer, Director, Producer, and also stars as the commanding female knight of the Hellsing Organization (Sir Integra Hellsing.) The show also features her beautiful fiancee Michela Dee who is a producer, co-writer and co-stars as the lovely young vampire (Seras Victoria.) Hellsing HQ also guest stars Germany's Vegi, (The Major) Finland's Milla Katajisto, (Rip Van Winkle) Rick Terrasi, (Walter) Shake9, (Pip) Redustrial, (Clone Seras) and Maxieyi, (Alucard.)

Since 2006, GingerAnne has helped thousands of kids and young adults cope with personal psychological struggles dealing with bullying, abuse, LGBT issues, depression, and creative guidance in the cosplay and outside world. She continues to be a role model and inspires the new generation, helping to guide them to their success.

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