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The Wandering Legion

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Military Prowess, Eccentric Nobility, Deadly Cutlery, and an Intellectual Amnesiac all combine to form this, well.. lets face it, band of miscreants. Our noted members include:

General Caled - The Monogoggled Menace.
Baron Von Lahey - Proprietor of AirshipEntertainment.
Lucretia Dearfour - Chef, woman, and a skilled warrior.
Professor Ulysses S. Marvel - Navigator, brawler, scholar.

Join us on our convention going adventures, follow us in our upcoming web series antics, and keep track of all our wanderings through our website.

If you are the organizer of an event please contact us about what we offer/attending. If you would like to see us come to an event the best thing to do is to contact their panel supervisor and tell them where they can contact us.

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