February 25, 2005

News for Anime Central 2005:

The Pillows to perform at Anime Central

Anime Central has announced that the popular J-rock band, The Pillows, will be performing at their convention this May.

The Pillows have been performing together under various monikers since 1987. Releasing a mini-album in 1990, followed up by the full album "Moon Gold" in 1991 with "Pony Canyon", the band established their trend of blending melodic pop, classic rock, and punk. Five years of mild success gave way to their landmark 1997 album, "Please, Mr. Postman", which added a touch of west coast grunge to their already eclectic style. Continued success with tours and three hit albums eventually brought them to the attention of Gainax, who wished to use music from several of The Pillows albums for their now-famous Furi Kuri (Fooly Cooly, FLCL) animation.