January 9, 2015

News for Anime South 2015:

Anime South withdraws guest invites

by Patrick Delahanty, Executive Producer, and

Anime South withdraws guest invites Anime South, a convention scheduled to be held in Fort Walton Beach, Florida this November, has announced on their web site that they have withdrawn invitations for numerous guests who had previously been announced.

The full statement reads as follows:

"Anime South has regrettably withdrawn invitations to several well-known and highly respected individuals within the cosplay community. Though it would be preferable to honor these unauthorized invitations, Anime South is financially unable to commit.

"Though these invitations were unsanctioned by Anime South management, we realize that through their withdrawal we are damaging relationships and trust within the community. We have an enormous professional desire to welcome these individuals as guests, however it is not economically feasible at this time. We ask for your understanding in this unfortunate and difficult matter.

"We hope that you will continue to support and encourage these exceptionally talented cosplayers. . We look forward to the growth of Anime South and hope to properly welcome anyone we have had to disinvite as highlighted guests in the future."

Guests that had been listed prior to the announcement include cosplayers Beautiful Syn, Callie Cosplay, Liz Vickery, and photographer Anna Fischer.

In November 2014, Anime South had announced guests Artemis Moon, Beautiful Syn, Callie Cosplay, DeAnna Davis, Anna Fischer, Jesse Lagers, Courtney "Courtoon" Morelock, Liz Vickery, and Italian cosplayers Dani Foca and Sweet Angel Cosplay. Six days after these were submitted to, we received a request to remove them. Upon inquiry, we were told that there was a mix-up with 2016 guests.

UPDATE: Anime South 2015 has since been cancelled.