February 21, 2016

YourMiniCon quietly cancels four more conventions

by Patrick Delahanty, Executive Producer, and

YourMiniCon quietly cancels four more conventions A month ago, we reported that YourMiniCon cancelled six conventions. We discovered this morning that the YourMiniCon events in Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, and Louisiana have been removed from the YourMiniCon web site. This leaves Connecticut (which took place in January) and Maine as the only remaining events.

No formal announcement has been posted on the YourMiniCon web site, Twitter, or Facebook page. The only mention of any cancellation was in a Twitter reply on February 10th. In the reply, the organizers state "YMCLV [YourMiniCon Las Vegas] has been cancelled due to lack of booth and ticket sales."

Since January, YourMiniCon has now cancelled 10 out of 12 announced events. According to a February 2nd Facebook post, some people were still waiting for refunds from the cancelled Wisconsin event and YourMiniCon was "amping up our Nevada and Maine sales to try to cover everything."

YourMiniCon has been heavily promoting its Maine event with at least one Facebook post per day promoting a guest appearance.