June 26, 2019

News for Anime Milwaukee 2020:

Convention Planner Ryan Kopf Banned from Anime Milwaukee Following Sexual Assault Allegations

by Patrick Delahanty, Administrator

Convention Planner Ryan Kopf Banned from Anime Milwaukee Following Sexual Assault Allegations

Anime Milwaukee issued a statement yesterday informing attendees that Ryan Kopf, CEO of, has been banned from their convention after an alleged incident of sexual assault at their 2018 convention which ended up involving the Milwaukee Police Department. A police report was filed. When Anime News Network attempted to obtain a copy of the report, it was denied in order to protect "the right of privacy of the victim or victim's family members".

An article published today on Anime News Network details this incident as well as a police report alleging he committed forcible rape in 2013 at his Anime-zing convention. The article mentions other allegations of sexual misconduct have been posted on social media. When contacted by Anime News Network, Mr. Kopf denied the allegations saying, "I fully intend to pursue holding accountable those who have continued to repeat defamatory statements about me."

Ryan Kopf has also been suing Trae Dorn, Pher Sturz, and Nerd & Tie for defamation since 2015.

Following the most recent sexual assault allegations, The Pillowcases have stated on Twitter that they will no longer perform at Kopf's conventions until he is removed from staff. Lewis Lovhaug has stated on his site that although he is unable to drop out of this year's Anime Midwest convention due to contractual obligations, he will not attend any future convention chaired by Ryan Kopf.

We would like to emphasize that is in no way and has never been associated with Ryan Kopf,, or any of its staff or employees. launched in 2003 and obtained the domain in 2006 and has redirected that domain to since then. was first registered in 2010 and is an organization run by Ryan Kopf which organizes conventions including Anime-Zap, Kanpai!Con, AniMinneapolis, Anime Midwest, Anime-zing, MetaCon, and Con+Alt+Delete. Mr. Kopf is also involved in some form or another with other conventions such as Liberty City Anime Con, AniMore, and Star City Anime. He also runs the web sites and MaiOtaku.