January 28, 2006

News for Otakon 2006:

Otakon to update artists' alley rules

Otakon's Artists Alley Department Head has posted on the Otakon bulletin board about some changes to the artists alley policy. The changes will become part of the official policy by the time artists' alley registration is available in early March.

Among the changes is the banning of the sale of all unlicensed copyrighted material. This change will likely prevent the sale or display of most fan art and doujinshi. The policy on the display of copyrighted material is still under review.

This will be the first time an anime convention will actively enforce such a policy. Artist reaction to this announcement has been mixed.

You can view the thread in the "Art Show / Artists Alley" forum on the Otakon bulletin board. You will need to be logged in in order to view the thread.