March 4, 2006

News for Anime Boston 2006:

Artists stampede through Anime Boston's artists' alley

by PatrickD

In the course of 5 minutes and 25 seconds, all 84 artists' alley spaces at Anime Boston 2006 were reserved.

Marc Dell'Erba, Anime Boston's artists' alley manager, says, "there will be no one left out of time coded order." Those who submitted first will have their first choices honored and others will be placed in available spaces. "But our reserve list is gonna be bigger than last year!"

Anime Boston 2005's artists' alley filled up in about 45 minutes.

"Each year, artists' alley grows by more than 50%, but it continues to fill up faster and faster," said Chairman Patrick Delahanty. "These artists are some of the most determined fans I've ever seen."