January 15, 2020

Most Anime Convention Guest Appearances of 2019

by Patrick Delahanty, Administrator

Most Anime Convention Guest Appearances of 2019

Back in July, we ran some queries against our guest database to put together a list of the guests who had made the most guest appearances at anime conventions each year from 2014 through 2018. We also published a list for the first half of 2019. With 2019 behind us, we can now publish a complete list of the 25 guests who made the most anime convention guest appearances in 2019.

The list is as follows:

  1. Morgan Berry (20 guest appearances)
  2. J. Michael Tatum (20)
  3. Greg Ayres (18)
  4. Justin Briner (18)
  5. Samurai Dan Coglan (16)
  6. Steve Blum (15)
  7. Luci Christian (15)
  8. Josh Grelle (15)
  9. Derek Stephen Prince (15)
  10. Ray Chase (14)
  11. Robbie Daymond (14)
  12. Kohei Hattori (14)
  13. Brittney Karbowski (14)
  14. The Manly Battleships (14)
  15. Max Mittelman (14)
  16. Phil Mizuno (14)
  17. Paul St. Peter (14)
  18. Todd Haberkorn (13)
  19. Lauren Landa (13)
  20. Chris Sabat (13)
  21. Christopher Wehkamp (13)
  22. Charles Dunbar (12)
  23. Caitlin Glass (12)
  24. Kazha (12)
  25. Monica Rial (12)

Out of fairness, we've excluded cosplay groups such as the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, and Mandalorian Mercs which contain many members around the world and are able to attend multiple events in the same weekend on a regular basis.

The above list only takes anime conventions into consideration and does not count guests or guest appearances at other conventions such as comic, horror, or science fiction conventions because, at this time, our guest data on these conventions is not complete enough to form such an analysis on guests of non-anime conventions. Cancelled appearances, cancelled conventions, and video-only guest appearances do not count towards the total.

As always, our list of the all-time record holders can be found on our main Guests page. For more information on any of these guests and what conventions they might have coming up next, visit